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Wire lyrics


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        Innocent, and in a sense I am
    Guilty of the crime that's now in hand
    Such a nice day
    Throw your life away
    Such a nice day
    Let it go

    Cold these eyes, I can't believe it
    Cold, this heart is slow
    Heart is slow

    Call me
    Such a cold heart
    Such a cold man
    Watch you tear your self apart

    So lay me down
    My soul to give
    So lay me down
    The longest sleep
    Oh, the longest sleep

    In I come and out you go you get
    Here we are again now, place your bets
    Is this the time
    The time to win or lose
    Is this the time
    The time to choose

    Cold these eyes, I can't believe it
    So deep inside a cold fire
    Cold, this heart is slow...

    Anytime you're only a kiss away
    Won't you do it now
    That's right, just keep me going

    In some white track
    You come the right track
    Cartoon cutout
    Cut throat bled out
    I'm on your side
    Be on the both side
    I'm alright Jack
    You get off my back
    I'm no dope
    I give you hope
    Here's the rope
    Here's the rope
    Now...swing away
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